15 August 2019

CISLR members celebrate the launch of the Special Issue of the Economics of Education Review

This evening, several CISLR members celebrated the launch of the Special on Issue Higher Education Financing: Student Loans of the Economics of Education Review, which Bruce Chapman and Dung Doan co-edited.

The Australian National University Vice Chancellor, Brian Schmidt celebrated the contributions of Bruce and Dung when he launched the Special Issue tonight.

The Special Issue looks at higher education financing across the globe and provides case studies for a number of countries including Brazil, Japan, China, Ireland and the USA. Lorraine Dearden also offers an important methodological contribution to the literature, in regards to the methods used to estimate the life-time income of graduates.

Many CISLR members, including Tim Higgins, Lorraine Dearden, Paulo Nascimento, Gill Wyness, Constantine Yannelis, Susan Dynarski, Nicholas Barr, Qing Wang, Yu Cai, Shiro Armstrong, Nobuko Nagase and Aedín Doris, have all contributed to the Special Issue.

12 July 2019

CISLR members in Brazil for higher education conference

Several CISLR members, including Tim Higgins, Bruce Chapman, Dung Doan, Lorraine Dearden, Susan Dynarski and Paulo Nascimento, are currently in Brasilia for an international conference on student financing.

The ‘International Conference on Income-Contingent Financing: Alternatives for Higher Education and Beyond’ has been convened by Paulo, Bruce, Dung and Tim. The event brought together labour market experts throughout the world, to discuss the role of income-contingent loans for higher education financing. Participants included Ludger Woessmann, Miguel Palacios, Ricardo Paredes, Andrea Doneschi, Jorge Tellez Fuentes, Manoel Acevedo-Jaramillo, Simon Schwartzman, Sergei Soares, Timothy Kane, Gino Bartone and Mathew Johnston.

The event also marked the launch of a book edited by Paulo, “Income contingent financing – papers and reports published by Ipea until 2018”. Bruce, Dung and CISLR’s Gill Wyness have all contributed to the book, which looks at income contingent financing.

To read an article featuring Bruce discussing the conference and CISLR’s work in Brazil, click here. Presentations from the conference are available here, and pictures can be viewed here

The event also received significant media coverage in Brazil. Most notably, this includes several articles in Valor Econômico, including one featuring interviews with Paulo and Bruce, and another featuring Abraham Weintraub, the current Minister of Education in Brazil. There were also several articles on the IPEA website (available here and here).

05 June 2019

Paulo Nascimento debates whether postgraduate students in Brazil should be charged tuition fees

CISLR’s Paulo Nascimento has been featured in an article by O Globo, discussing whether postgraduate students in Brazil should pay to attend public universities.

Earlier in the week, Education Minister Abraham Weintraub proposed that postgraduate students should be charged to study at public universities. While the President later opposed the idea, the comment prompted significant public debate. In the article, Paulo suggests that an income contingent loan is the best way forward, and helps to alleviate many of the concerns raised by various parties.

To read the full article, click here.

19 December 2018

CISLR members publish content in a special edition of IPEA’s Radar

The December 2018 edition of Radar was published today by the IPEA and features contributions from several CISLR members. The Special Edition of the policy brief explores the topic of student financing, and features content from CISLR’s Paulo Nascimento, Gill Wyness, Dung Doan and Bruce Chapman.

The full policy brief is available to read here.

25 November 2018

Russayani Ismail presents at the PenDaPaT 2018 PTPTN: Between Access, Equity and Sustainability Higher Education Discourse Program

PenDaPaT 2018 PTPTN: Between Access, Equity and Sustainability Higher Education Discourse Programme. Photo by Muhammad Shamsul Shafie.

Earlier today, CISLR’s Russayani Ismail participated in the PenDaPaT 2018 PTPTN: Between Access, Equity and Sustainability Discourse Program, at the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). The event was organised by the Higher Education Research and Development Organization (PenDaPaT), in conjunction with UUM, the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) and Berita Harian.

Participants at the conference discussed the viability of the PTPTN. Given the changes to higher education financing in the 2019 Malaysian budget, there was also broad discussion about the use of Income Continent Loans (ICLs).

To see the flyer from the conference, click here.

22 November 2018

Russayani Ismail featured in article about PTPTN  

Russayani Ismail was featured in an article about the PTPTN, in today’s Berita Harian. In the article, Russayani discusses her recent research about borrower’s attitudes towards the repayment of student loans.

Through the piece, titled ‘Anggap PTPTN tanggungjawab kerajaan punca peminjam tak mahu bayar’ (Assume PTPTN is the government’s responsibility for the cause of the borrower not to pay), Russayani discusses how the PTPTN should include a mechanism or system to repay loans. She also suggests that Malaysia should look at alternative higher education financing options, such as adopting income contingent loans (ICL). Click here to read the full article.

03 October 2018

Bruce Chapman, Lorraine Dearden and Roberto Zarama Urdaneta present at several events in Chile 

Over the past few days, Bruce Chapman, Lorraine Dearden and Roberto Zarama Urdaneta have presented at a number of events in Chile. These events included the University of Chile and ANU conference: Student Loan Policy, as well as the Government of Chile and ANU Forum: Higher Education Financing Policy. Both the conference and the forum were co-convened by Bruce Chapman and Lorraine Dearden.

25 September 2018

Paulo Nascimento featured in article about recent seminar on Higher Education Challenges

CISLR’s Paulo Nascimento was featured in an article, in Folha De S.Paulo about the recent seminar: Challenges of Higher Education.

Paulo was among several panellists, who discussed issues with the financing of higher education in Brazil.

To read the full article about the seminar, click here.

02 July 2018

Bruce Chapman, Lorraine Dearden and Dung Doan present at the Higher Education Financing International Conference in Vietnam

Dung Doan presenting at the Higher Education Financing International Conference in Vietnam.

Bruce Chapman, Lorraine Dearden and Dung Doan have presented at today’s Higher Education Financing International Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Presentations from the workshop can be found here.

01 May 2018

Bruce Chapman awarded the Universitas 21 2018 Gilbert Medal

Bruce Chapman has been recognised by Universitas 21 today for his ‘outstanding contribution to international higher education’. Bruce has been awarded the 2018 U21 Gilbert Medal, for his work in designing the world’s first income contingent loan (ICL) scheme for student fees.

Since the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) was introduced in Australia, in 1989, many other countries have been motivated to undergo reforms. Bruce’s work has prompted several other countries to adopt the use of ICLs for higher education financing.

The annual award, which is Universitas 21’s highest accolade, celebrates achievements in the internationalisation of higher education and is named after university leader, Professor Alan Gilbert.

11 April 2018

Bruce Chapman, Lorraine Dearden, Nobuko Nagase and Dung Doan present at the Centre for Global Higher Education annual conference 

Bruce Chapman, Lorraine Dearden, Nobuko Nagase and Dung Doan have participated in today’s Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) annual conference. The CGHE’s third annual conference explored the new geopolitics of higher education.

Bruce, Lorraine, Nobuko and Dung all presented in the session “Income contingent loans across the world”. You can read a summary of the points made by Bruce, Lorraine and Dung at the conference here. In addition, Dung participated in a panel discussion on “Higher education and equality”, which can be viewed here.

11 April 2018

The international transformation in student loan systems

Lorraine Dearden and Bruce Chapman have written a piece, which explores the evolution of student loan systems throughout the world. The blog post was published today on University World News and looks at the transformation of higher education financing systems. In particular, Lorraine and Bruce explore the reasons many countries have switched from time based repayment student loans (TBRL) to income contingent loans (ICLs). Bruce and Lorraine’s full article is available to read here.

The article provides a summary of the content included in Bruce and Lorraine’s submission to the UK Post-18 Education and Funding Review. To read their submission to the review, click here.

21 February 2018

Bruce Chapman and Paulo Nascimento appear in news package about HE in Brazil

Paulo Nascimento and Bruce Chapman have been featured in a news story, published today, about higher education in Brazil.

The story looks at the recent seminar on ‘Models for Student Financing’, which both Bruce and Paulo attended.

To watch the news package, click here.

06 Dec 2017

Bruce Chapman and Dung Doan convene the International Student Loan Forum

CISLR members at the International Student Loan Forum with ANU Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt. Photo by Stuart Hay.

Today’s International Student Loan Forum was hosted by the Australian National University and co-convened by Bruce Chapman and Dung Doan. Other CISLR members who presented included: Lorraine Dearden, Tim Higgins, Russayani Ismail, Yu Cai, Paulo Nascimento and Gabrielle Penrose.

The Forum looked at student loan systems in Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Korea, as well as  methodological issues in estimating lifetime income. Selected presentations from the Forum can be found here.

11 Nov 2017​

Lorraine Dearden gives keynote talk in Berlin

Lorraine Dearden has given a keynote presentation at the CIDER and WZB workshop on “Higher Education and (In)equality of Oportunity”. The workshop was held in Berlin on the 9 and 10 November 2017.

12 Sept 2017

Bruce Chapman and Lorraine Dearden appear in Resolution Foundation HE debate

Bruce Chapman and Lorraine Dearden have appeared in a public debate on the future options for Higher Education funding in the UK. The event, ‘Still fee-sible? The future and funding of higher education in England’, was organised by the Centre for Global Higher Education, UCL and the Resolution Foundation.

Other speakers at the event included former Minister of State for Higher Education David Willetts, former head of the No. 10 Policy unit Lord Andrew Adonis and former Minister of State for Higher Education and current Vice-Chancellor of University of Bedfordshire, Bill Rammell.

Watch a video of the event here, or click here to read more about the debate.

30 Aug 2017

Bruce Chapman receives lifetime achievement award

CISLR’s Bruce Chapman has been honoured with the 2017 Australian Financial Review Higher Education Lifetime Achievement Award at a gala dinner held in Sydney last night. The judging panel recognised Professor Chapman’s highly influential continued work on income contingent loans.

“Bruce … is now one of the foremost international authorities on education funding whose advice is sought world-wide,” the judges said.

“He continues to make major contributions to policy development in education funding and the broader public debate about education.

“The measure of his achievement is that many other countries have since adopted variations of the income contingent loan scheme for funding higher education that was pioneered in Australia.”

Watch Bruce’s acceptance speech here.

02 May 2017

Aedín Doris and Darragh Flannery present to the Future Funding of Ireland Parliamentary Committee

Today, Aedín Doris and Darragh Flannery presented to the Future Funding of Higher Education in Ireland Parliamentary Committee.

Aedín and Darragh discussed the future of higher education funding in Ireland, in light of the Cassells Report. In particular, Aedín and Darragh explained the benefits of an income contingent loan system.

To watch a video of their presentation, click here.

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